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Intuitive actionable information

eVance Facility Manager will change the way you manage your fire systems by presenting both big picture and granular device focused data in multiple graphic-driven, easy-to-understand formats. With access to a portfolio of automated digital reports, including fault handling, testing and replacement reports, or custom reports, eVance provides you with information to:

  • Track fire system effectiveness
  • Identify fire safety risks earlier
  • Perform predictive maintenance
  • Optimise device inventory
  • Analyse system performance allowing you to be confident you are using your fire system it to its full potential

Simple and user friendly tools

Simplify every-day tasks, promote productivity and time-savings by introducing eVance’s simple and user-friendly tools.

Dashboards, as wider awareness creates a bigger impact

eVance dashboards provide facility-wide analysis, insights of system health and event lists, in simple and visual display. This real-time intelligent aggregation of data from multiple fire panels empowers facility managers with a holistic view, across multiple buildings and multiple floors and identify variances and abnormalities fast, reducing manual processes and duplication of process.

Mobile access, promoting productivity and responsiveness

Whether you’re a HSE director or a facility manager, you can use a smartphone or tablet device for 24/7 remote access for greater situational awareness on-the-go, promoting productivity and peace-of-mind.

Use mobile devices for preventative maintenance and automatic diagnostic alerts, enabling faster resolution of potential issues before major challenges occur.

Increase operational efficiencies and reduce operational costs

With actionable information at your fingertips, eVance empowers facility managers to automate processes, reduce human-error and increase operational efficiencies.

Promote accurate and efficient maintenance

Servicing your fire system is a cost of doing business, however with eVance Facility Manager you can increase maintenance accuracy and efficiency promoting reduced cost. Pin-point issues and underlying abnormalities and be confident that maintenance checks go beyond superficial indicators and optimise your system performance.

Resource optimisation

eVance empowers facility managers to make better decisions on where they dedicate their time and resources. Now it is easier to increase operational savings through more efficient resource deployment, reduced fault-detection times and simplify training.

Low cost, high performance

Leveraging cloud-based SaaS technologies, eVance makes the necessary connections while keeping costs low and performance and security high. By offering long-term scalability and flexibility, eVance can easily expend as your facility expands and business grows.

Be confident, reduce risk and promote compliance

The powerful combination of eVance Facility Manager and your existing Honeywell Notifier fire systems, you can be confident your facility is protected with a compliant and robust fire system, reducing risk, protecting people and promoting business continuity.

Compliance counts

Introducing standardised digital reports, reducing human-error and reliance on manual paper-based processes, eVance makes it easier to demonstrate compliance with industry requirements reducing audit preparation time, reducing risk of HSE issues and potential legal penalties.

Proven track record

With over 100 years of building automation experience, highest accreditations in software engineering and the latest in user-experience methodology, you can be confident of investing in Honeywell eVance to maximise your fire safety investments with intuitive actionable information.

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