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Specialty Cameras

The equIP series camera range now includes Explosion proof, Corrosion proof and Dual Thermal/Visual models.

The new models are designed to ensure 24/7 business continuity without disruption in even the harshest environments whilst delivering advanced analytics including intrusion trace, temperature monitor and face detection.

The new range provides an integrated security solution for Oil & Gas, chemical, Nuclear power plant & critical industrial facilities who require a trusted offering from the experts in Security to ensure regulatory compliance and worry-free operations that minimize business interruption while reducing total cost of ownership. The new line offers increased cyber security, a full range of cameras with a new simplified GUI design and a high end unified look housing.

  • Exceptional image quality through latest low light sensor and dual sensor to ensure 24/7 safety and security
  • Reduced installation/maintenance cost & liability cost through fix cable, integrated wiper and washer solution, and high quality
  • Ensure business continuity by Live-view, record & play video without interruption during network, power or equipment failure
  • Optimize business productivity & security efficiency through Intrusion Trace, Temperature Monitor and Face detection



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