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Honeywell Launches Electrosoft Bicolor Gloves

Electrosoft_Bicolor gloves

Honeywell announced the introduction of Electrosoft Bicolor, a new premium dielectric, dual colour glove that provides increased safety for workers at risk of live electrical contact.

Bicolor gloves offer wearers electrical protection from Class 00 (500 volts) through Class 4 (36,000 volts), making them ideal for workers across the utilities, electrical contracting, railways, telecom and industrial maintenance sectors.

Protection is paramount when it comes to working on, in or near electrical installations or maintaining electrical plant and equipment that cannot be shut down. One of the challenges to anyone working with electricity is to ensure that the protective qualities of the gloves they are using are not compromised in any way. The innovative new dual colour design – red exterior, beige interior – offers a safe visual indicator. This enables the wearer to identify any cuts, abrasion or tears to the glove surface that could affect safety performance prior to wearing them, which is a major benefit.

In addition to the gloves being tested and IEC-EN60903 certified, Electrosoft Bicolor also meets the BG ETEM requirements for electrical arc faults EN 61482-1-2, when live working – providing additional levels of safety where arc risks exist.

The new gloves provide superior dexterity for the wearer and are offered in sizes 7 to 12.


The Electrosoft latex line features insulating latex gloves for linemen.


The ergonomic shape and lightly powdered interior make the glove easy to slip on and off.


The natural latex base offer high dielectric characteristics. Their thickness (from 0.5 to 2.9 mm) ensures good protection from 500 to 36000 volts of use.


Arc flash resistant depending on the class. Bicolor to better detect defect during visual inspection.


Utilities/Energy or Electricity /Maintenance /Telecoms


Electrical & Arc


For electrical work with a maximum voltage of 7500 volts. Must be used with a leather overglove.

Bicolor for easier detection of defects before use (i.e. accidental cuts, perforations, abrasions). Arc flash rating performed by a third party lab: box test 4KA/30cm.

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