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Touchpoint Plus

A whole new control experience

An easily configurable control system that supports up to sixteen channels of gas detection.

We are delighted to announce a range of new features for the successful Touchpoint Plus, a highly configurable, easy-to-use, wall-mounted controller for small systems of gas detectors. Touchpoint Plus is particularly suitable for industrial and light industrial sectors, making it easier for operators to monitor the safety of their sites and staff.

A new Expansion Unit doubles the capacity of Touchpoint Plus to sixteen channels of detection. Connected via a digital bus to the main controller, the Expansion Unit enables a further eight channels to be added locally or remotely.

New input modules cater for combinations of milliamp (mA) and millivolt (mV) output sensors, giving wider options to mix toxic and combustible gas detectors in the same system.

Finally, the Touchpoint Plus is now equipped with industry standard Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP as an option, enabling integration to higher level site management systems. The optional Web interface currently allows remote viewing.

As a reminder, the signature feature of the Touchpoint Plus is its user-friendly touchscreen interface. With this interface, it’s easier than ever to ensure safety and compliance, while also reducing setup and operation time and minimising the need for training. When seconds count in an emergency situation, operators can make fast and informed decisions with Touchpoint Plus’ full colour status at a glance.

Thanks to its intuitive touchscreen and modular components, Touchpoint Plus is easy to set up and configure, so users can customise the inputs, outputs and relay functions to match their needs directly from the interface. Touchpoint Plus’ modular, plug-and-play board allows for quick and easy maintenance, and it accepts input from any detector with a milliamp (mA) or millivolt (mV) signal.

Housed in a high impact polymer plastic, Touchpoint Plus offers a versatile and durable solution to controlling gas detectors across multiple sectors that is designed to stand up to the challenges of industrial environments, from chemical plants to manufacturing.