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Sat Ex

Sat-Ex Transmitter with Sensor

The ideal solution for monitoring corrosive, combustible and toxic gases in areas subject to explosive atmosphere.

Features & Benefits

• Fast, reliable, specific gas detection

• Continuous real-time monitoring

• Available for any kind of detected gas

Quick Specs

• Alarm Setting:  Dual level user settable

• Operating Temperature: -20°C to + 40°C (-4°F to + 104°F)

Product Overview

The Sat-Ex gas detection unit provides the ideal solution for monitoring corrosive, combustible, and toxic gases in areas subject to explosive atmospheres. The unit is approved according to ATEX classification  EX II 2 G EEx d ib II C T4 for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2. A UL approval (UL Class 1, Div 1, Group B, C, D) is pending.

As the Sat-Ex unit can be combined with the whole range of Honeywell Analytics’ intelligent sensors, the full repertory of their features and capabilities is now available for use in explosive atmospheres.

The large LCD screen of the Sat-Ex unit displays gas concentration and alarm condition. Monitoring, maintenance functions, individual configuration and calibration settings can be chosen from a range of programme menus.

A change of the control parameters does not interrupt any of the processes monitored.

Additional Features and Benefits:


• Gas detection in hazardous area  (Zone 1 and 2)

• Gas cabinets

• Valve manifold box, equipment enclosure, ambient breathing zone,  gas storage room, OEM equipment


• Available for any kind of detected gas

• Fast, reliable, specific gas detection

• Continuous real-time monitoring

• Interchangeable intelligent sensor cell

• No dynamic gas calibration required

• Low cost of ownership

• No moving parts to wear down or replace

• Directly compatible with LonWorks®

• Sensor diagnostics 


• Daily self test – assures proper operation of the sensor

• Permanent ROM - Original data set is stored within the sensor, including gas type, gas calibration, default settings and manufacturing date

• Remote mounting – distances up to 3 metres between sensor and 

• Sat-Ex unit are possible

• Rapid replacement – no downtime thanks to quick and easy sensor replacement