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Vertex M

Vertex M

Provides a flexible 8 to 24 points of monitoring using colorimetric Chemcasstte®, the industry’s most reliable gas monitoring technology.

Features & Benefits

• Longer monitoring life with extended tapes (90 days)

• Touch screen for easy data access

• No dynamic calibration required

Quick Specs

• Power requirements: 110 or 230 VAC

• Operating temperature: 59° to 95°F (15° to 35°C)

• Operating humidity: 20-65% RH

Product Overview

Vertex M™ is an economical way to install, augment or upgrade a gas monitoring system for industries using toxic . It provides a flexible 8 to 24 points of monitoring for use with up to 3 Chemcassette analyzers or combination 1 pyrolyzer analyzer/1 universal Chemcassette analyzer; comes in a small, space-saving cabinet; 110V or 220V power options; and uses the industry’s most reliable toxic gas monitoring technology, colorimetric Chemcassette, which shows proof of a gas response through a telltale stain on the Chemcassette tape. The Vertex M integrates easily into a factory automation system or HMI to serve semiconductor, PV, nano, specialty chemical, lab and other High Tech/Industrial environments.

Additional Features and Benefits:

Cost Effective

• Extended tapes (90 days) provides longer monitoring life

• No calibration or flow balancing required

• Additional pump and internal power module increase Software can be configured with out taking unit offline

• Sampling points can be up to 400 feet (121m) from the monitor and routed to more than one analyzer.  

Easy to use

• Touch screen for easy access to data

• Software updates via CD-ROM or network to all system components

• Configuration profile editing and data retrieval are all achievable without taking unit offline

• Radio frequency identification tag (RFID) ensures Chemcassettes® are installed into appropriately programmed analyzer, eliminating human error

• On-line help system


• Multiple levels of password protection

• Reconfigure security setup without taking unit offline

• Low cost of ownership

• Small footprint and greater density of points reduce your cost per point

• Eight points per analyzer lowers Chemcassette® costs

• Maximized 24 point systems provide low cost per point as compared to other continuous monitors

• One system monitors up to three gas families and more than 40 gases

• You can split your sample to more than one analyzer

Easy to maintain

• Uses cost-effective XP Chemcassettes®, providing up to three months of continuous monitoring

• Simplified replacement of Chemcassettes® and automated optics verification

• No dynamic calibration required

• No flow balancing

• Easy access to analyzers, pumps, power supplies and touch screen from front panel

• Onscreen interactive electronic manual

Advanced communications

• Built-in configurable PLCs with optional 64 relay contacts

• Standard OPC interface for easy integration into your existing factory automation system or HMI

• Optional Ethernet/CIP, LONWORKS®, DeviceNetTM, DF1Interface, PROFIBUS, Modbus Plus, Modbus/TCP or ControlNet outputs available