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This full-featured single-gas monitor is compact and light enough to clip onto a uniform or belt, which provides personal protection in a range of environments. The ToxiRAE II continuously displays gas concentration, short-term exposure limit (STEL), time-weighted average (TWA), and peak values for one of more than 10 toxic gases, or users can elect to measure for sufficient oxygen. With an intuitive, one-button interface and pre-set alarms that can be modified for specialized requirements, the unit is easy to use and maintain. And with a three-alarm system, the ToxiRAE II makes sure the wearer doesn’t miss the signal.

Key Features:

Full-featured clip-on single-gas monitor

Three-alarms – visual, audio, and vibration

Interchangeable alkaline batteries

Rugged housing

Water, dust-, and shock-resistant

Easy access to sensors, filter, and battery

Minimal electromagnetic and radio interference


Emergency Response


Fire Overhaul


Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around Residential Calls Worker Exposure