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SF340 Series

SF340 Mains Powered CO Alarms

Every unit in the SF340 utilises the advanced ECOsure electrochemical cell sensing technology and comes complete with a full 5 year warranty. Every unit also offers up to 5 years battery backup allowing for continuous protection even in the event of power loss. This also allows the unit to be operated whilst waiting for permanent installation.


• Unique 5 year module replacement system

• Up to 5 years battery backup

• Low maintenance and low cost of ownership

• Secure installation

• 230Vac

• Easy integration within existing systems

• Interconnect and relay output

• Every alarm is tested and calibrated in Carbon Monoxide

• No re-wiring or main unit replacement costs

• 5 year warranty


The SF340 mains powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm must be installed by a competent person qualified to carry out electrical work according to current national wiring regulations. Please download the manual below for further information.



Detection Principle

Electrochemical cell

Main Unit Life

No replacement required

Module Life

5 year life, 5 year warranty

Lifetime And Warranty

10 year life, 5 year warranty

Operating Environment


Operating Temperature Range

-5 to +40°C

Electrical and Interconnection


Operating Voltage


Backup Battery

9Vdc pp3

Power Consumption


Relay Output Fitted


User Interface


Module Replacement Warning

Double buzzer chirp every minute

Alarm Indication

Buzzer and flashing red light

Buzzer Output

85 decibels (dB) at 3m

Alarm Levels

150ppm, between 10 to 30 minutes, 350ppm within 6 minutes

Test Facility




Models Available

SF340E - 230Vac, SF340F - 230Vac + relay + interconnect


575g approx.


170 x 110 x 65mm