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EzSense Battery Powered Flammable Gas Detector

ezsense battery powered flammable gas detectors can be tested quickly and easily by releasing a small amount of gas (Butane) in a well ventialted area. The alarm should sound and the yellow or red LED light will come on.

• Catalytic bead sensor requiring no calibration - simply point and click

• Suitable for identifying the source of leaks in pipes, fittings, valves, gas storage tank/cylinders and hot water heaters

• Detects Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, LPG and LNG

Technical Specifications 



Detection Principle

Detecting flammable gas leakage

Third Party Approvals

CE marked, EMC Directive 89/336/EEC

Operating Environment


Operating Temperature Range

-10°~ +50°C


Max 95%RH

Electrical and Interconnection


Operating Voltage

1.5V x 2 (AA Alkaline)

Power Consumption

DC 600mW

User Interface


Visual Indicator

Green LED: Power On - gas less than 500ppm, Yellow LED: Low Alarm - over 500ppm, Red LED: High Alarm - over 2,000ppm

Alarm Levels

0 - 10,000ppm (20%LEL)



Models Available

Natural Gas, Butane, Propane, LPG and LNG


110 g


188mm, Ø30mm