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Industrial Gas Burners

Industrial Gas Burners

Maxon offers a wide range of industrial gas burners for most every industrial heating application. Every one of our industrial burners are backed by a worldwide team of combustion engineers to ensure your success. With reliable industrial gas burners, low NOx burners, oil burners, dual fuel burners, and complete industrial gas burner systems, Maxon is your smart choice for value, reliability, and performance for your heating needs.

In industrial heating today, a successful installation demands careful consideration of efficiencies, emissions, process optimization, and loss prevention. Maxon provides the most complete line of industrial gas burners including natural gas burners, low NOx burners, and complete industrial gas burner systems to ensure your successful heating solution. Backed by a worldwide staff of combustion engineers.


As a very convenient and transportable fuel, oil firing offers advantages to some applications and industries. Interest in oil burner technology is reemerging due to energy prices and a desire to utilize waste oils, expand renewable "green" fuels and provide operational assurance against curtailments and shortages.

Maxon offers a complete line of oil burners for most applications and all the associated equipment to cleanly and safely heat with all types of oils.

Clean air is in everyone's best interest. The future generations of the world are depending upon the governments, the corporations and the populations of the world to make responsible, practical decisions about environmental protection. At Maxon, we're doing our part to provide some of the most reliable low NOx burners and ultra low NOx burners through innovative, robust technology.

Maxon low NOx burners and advanced control products assure minimal pollutant formation without sacrificing operational reliability or efficiency