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Style A, B & C LINOFLAME® Burners


Short, ribbon-type flames are produced by modular-designed sections  with “customized” drillings. These modular sections can provide burner elements that most nearly match your application’s heat and/or flame distribution requirements. Heat releases up to 525,000 Btu/hr per lineal foot of burner and turndown ratios up to 7:1 are possible from the three different styles of LINOFLAME® Burners. Each style is designed with over 25 popular sections to maximize the application flexibility of this type of line burner. Let Maxon help you design the burner element to meet your needs.


Type “VF” LINOFLAME® Burners


Like the Style A, B & C line burners above, the Type “VF” LINOFLAME® Burners also provide a ribbon of fire, but in a wider and V-shaped pattern. Cast iron, V-faced, modular sections incorporate standardized drillings for interchangeability. Heat releases up to 600,000 Btu/hr per lineal foot of burner and turndown ratios up to 10:1 are produced from two different types of



“VFL” (V-faced, low capacity) and “VFH” (V-faced, high capacity)  Positive flame retention and constant cross-ignition are provided without separate ignition rails. Maintenance and cleaning are easy.


“VF” LINOFLAME® Burners make stable operations possible in fresh still air, highly inert air streams, or with air velocities up to 4000 SFPM.