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Tube O Flame


MAXON's TUBE-O-FLAME® industrial burners provide clean, low NOx heating for tube firing. The TUBE-O-FLAME® burns most fuel gases inside an array of tubes to provide reduced fuel consumption and better process response. The low horsepower requirements reduce operating costs, and produce clean combustion with outstanding reliability.

TUBE-O-FLAME® natural gas burners ensure improved performance for industrial washers, dip tanks, water-bath heaters, solution tanks, and asphalt tanks.

• Nozzle-mixing, refractory-less burners for tube firing

• Burns any clean, low pressure fuel gas

• Increases heat transfer efficiencies with long, swirling flame pattern

• Promotes faster bring-up times with 20:1 turndown capabilities

• Easy installation due to flange-mounted compact design

• Simple start-up and field adjustments

• Low horsepower requirements reduce initial and operating costs

• Produces low levels of NOx in combustion products

• Generates less noise than open-port tube firing