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Tube O Therm


The MAXON TUBE-O THERM® burner-to-tube direct firing system provides uniform heat transfer, eliminates "hot spots", and produces faster bring-up times than all other tube burners. This industrial burner fires directly into smaller-bore, less expensive tubes and burns butane, propane or natural gas with reduced levels of NOx and CO. 

TUBE-O THERM® gas burners ensure improved performance for industrial washers, dip tanks, water-bath heaters, and solution tanks.

 Fires directly into small-bore immersion tubes

 Burner-to-tube direct firing system allows uniform heat transfer, eliminates “hot spots”, and produces faster bring-up times

 Economical and efficient package design with integral low power blower costs less and saves energy (external blower models also available)

 No hassle installation and easy maintenance access with wall mounted design

 Burns natural, propane or butane gas and produces reduced levels of NOx and CO

 Flame scanner capability for all sizes

 Four models sized for 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” diameter tubes

 Heat releases up to 8,500,000 Btu/hr

 No powered exhaust required, saving energy