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Honeywell is pleased to announce the launch of a new India Localized SKU for Head Protection – the A59I Hard Hat.

In your critical operations, where accidents can cost you lakhs of rupees, do you have the right head protection gear for your workers? One that your workers feel confident using?

With our all-new Hard Hat A59I, you will never have to worry about your workers’ safety, or whether they will be able to safeguard themselves in challenging conditions.

Here’s a peek to few salient features of the Hard Hat:

  • Certified to American ANSI Standard
  • Certified to Indian BIS Standard
  • Class E Hard Hat (tested to withstand up to 20,000 Volts)
  • Nylon Suspension for increased comfort and durability





For more information, please contact your local Honeywell representative, or write to us at
Honeywell Industrial Safety