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Controller With Display

Alerton’s VisualLogic Display (VLD) is a communicating sensor-controller combination with built-in temperature and humidity sensors that targets common applications such as roof top units, fan-coil units and heat pumps. It provides a cost-effective solution to meet in-room hotel requirements—an easy-to-use interface, easy-to-see digital display, and Celsius/Fahrenheit change over—where you already have Alerton systems in public or common areas.

The VLD-362W features an integrated wireless receiver that communicates to different combinations of sensors for occupancy and detects whether doors and/or windows are open or closed, then reports back to the front end BAS. Like the VLD-362, the VLD-362W includes built-in temperature and humidity sensors 3 universal inputs, 6 relay outputs and 2 analog outputs. The VLD-362W sensor-controller is ideal for any project that requires a less invasive device that provides occupancy-based HVAC with ON/OFF logic.

Alerton’s BACnet®-based VisualLogic™ Display (VLD-362-FF and VLD-362-FF-W) with fixed function is a non-programmable version of the original VLD-362. There are two available fixed function models—the VLD-362-FF with fixed function and the wireless VLD-362-FF-W with fixed function—that ship with 19 pre-loaded applications for specific and common projects including fan-coil, heat pump and air conditioning.