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Energy Manager

Energy Management Systems - S-Energy

S-Energy – Your easy start in energy management

With S-Energy Management Systems, electric metering and monitoring of energy consumption becomes very easy. As well as being designed to be simple to install and operated S-Energy is also highly flexible and easily expanded. Simply Install the meters at the machine or appliance in the usual way and connect the meters to the Energy Manager with a simple two wire data cable: The installation is up and running and energy data immediately appears on the operator panel in graphical format. The Energy Manager also easily connects to corporate networks via Ethernet – in this way remote energy analysis and operation can be carried out from your office PC using any web browser. S-Energy is scalable and can also be customized according to management requirements. S-Energy is therefore your tool to develop energy monitoring and control tailored to company needs.

  • Out of the box and it’s up and running
    • Bespoke software installations or complex configurations are not necessary
  • S-Energy expands without limits in line with capacity and functional planning
    • Simply add meters where they are required
    • Integrate S-Energy into the corporate network for remote access and additional data analysis
    • Includes the network communication interfaces to the automation and control level
  • Capture energy consumption data with minimum upfront investment
    • Developing energy management in small calculable steps 
  • Short decision making process