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IQecoVAV controller


Trend IQecoVAV controller

The IQeco is a terminal unit controller for use with BACnet over MS/TP. It can communicate with other IQecos over the BACnet MS/TP network, and with IQ system networked devices by way of a BINC. It has an optional actuator and pressure sensor which facilitates its use as a VAV controller. It has a maximum of 12 I/O points. As a programmable unit it allow the strategy to be modified to meet specific project requirements. The strategy itself defines the units HVAC control method. Various Trend strategies are available and they are divided into three categories, Entry, Basic and Plus. The Entry category has less sophisticated strategies with a lower level of I/O control and the Plus category has more sophisticated strategies with the highest level of I/O control.

Features include: Fully compatible with the IQ system.
BACnet over MS/TP (WSP certified)
Non-volatile memory, no battery required.
I/O configurable by software only (no links)
Control: VAV 2 Stage Electric Heater
Programability: Programmable
AO: 2
DO: 4
Relay outputs: 2
Auxiliary output signal: 1 x 24Vdc
Power supply: 24Vac
Pressure connection: Differential pressure sensor

Additional functions: Fitted Actuator
UI: 4