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Input/ Output Expansion Modules

The IQ ® 4/IO range of DIN rail mounted I/O expansion modules are designed for use with the IQ4E controller, offering additional input and output channel connection points.  These modules are also compatible with IQ3XCITE/96 and IQ3XCITE/128 controllers (v3.10 firmware onwards) and XCITE/IO modules.

IQ4/IO modules provide a comprehensive choice of I/O types including digital inputs (DI), universal inputs/outputs (UIO) and digital/relay outputs (DO).Modules  can  be  located  up  to  300m  (328  yards)  from  the controller.



 ▪ 16DI, 8DO, 4DO and 8UIO options

 ▪ Up to 30 I/O modules per controller (with IQ4E)

 ▪ Up to 192 I/O channels (with IQ4E, including controller I/O)

 ▪ Versatile I/O bus allows convenient placement of modules

 ▪ Up to 300 metres (328 yards I/O bus length (with IQ4E)

 ▪ Powered from controller I/O bus or external PSU

 ▪ Two part I/O connectors for easy installation/commissioning

 ▪ Small footprint with TS35 DIN rail mounting

 ▪ DIN 19 size 2 standard enclosure