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Trend I/O Modules convert either digital input signals into an analogue signal to be read by the controller, or an analogue signal from the controller to a number of stages of relay output. They act as an interface between the controller and heating and ventilating equipment.• The Digital Input Expander allows 4 volt free inputs to be monitored by a single analogue input channel. The resultant analogue value can be decoded by the A to D Function Module in an IQ controller to produce internal digital status bits for alarm monitoring or other status input applications. 
• The Single Relay Module (SRM) enables a controller output signal to drive a single changeover relay. The 2SRM houses two single relays. 
• The Two Relay Module (2RM) may be configured as a high/low or a raise/lower relay module by link selection. 
• The Three Relay Module (3RM) may be configured as a Fan/Heating/Cooling sequence controller (HCM) or a 3 stage sequence controller (TRM) using the operating mode link. 
• The Six Relay Module (6RM) converts an analogue output of an IQ controller to six stages of relay output. 
• The Voltage to Current Driver is a two channel output interface which converts two 0 to 10V signals into two 0 to 20 mA outputs. 
• The Dual Phase Cut Module converts two controller analogue output signals to two 20 V phase cut signals for controlling valves and actuators in heating and ventilating equipment. Opto-isolation is used to isolate the control signals from the outputs to ensure that no ground conflicts can occur.

Additional description Standard DIN rail mounting.
• Rising cage clamp terminals. 
• 24 Vac/dc supply.