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Dewpoint Hygrostat


Trend Dewpoint Hygrostat

The HS90 dewpoint hygrostat measures the relative humidity near the dewpoint using its high-quality capacitive sensor. The relay output will switch as the RH reaches 90%. It can be used in chilled ceiling, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning applications. An additional status light indicates the condensation danger. Thanks to the special protection coating, the sensor and its electronics exhibit low susceptibility to dust and dirt. The HS90 can be mounted on walls, ducts and pipes up to 2" (50 mm).

R.H. range: 0...100%rh
Mounting place: strap on pipe early detection of condensation danger compact design fast response time dust protection simple and easy mounting status indication
Output signal: volt free contact
R.H. hysteresis switching point: 90 +/-5%rh