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Pressure, Current sensor, Liquid


Trend Pressure, Current sensor, Liquid

High accuracy gauge pressure sensor for liquids in HVAC applications.
Kind of pressure: gauge
Pressure connection: G1/2 (BSP) male thread.
Electrical connection: M12 two part connector
Protection class: IP67
Housing material: medium is only in contact with the stainless steel housing and the ceramic chip making the sensor suitable for use with all normal cleaning materials.
Sensing method: piezoresistive
Media temp.: -25...125C
Media temp. limit: Steam pigtail, required if used on steam or water above 85 oC (typically drops from 200 oC to ambient from medium to sensor)
Medium: liquid/gaseous
Ambient temperature: ...85C
Output signal: 4..20mA

Pressure range: 0...25bar
Max. pressure: 62bar