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Room Display Units


Trend Room Display Units

Thermistor space temperature sensors for the measurement of ambient temperature. The Room Display is a temperature sensor and 3 digit display with control and indication of setpoint, and optional control and indication of fan speed and occupancy. There are IQ and IQL versions; the IQ version connects to the IQ controller via its local supervisor (RS232) port, and the IQL version connects to the IQL+ or IQLVAV controller via a digital (TBus) input. Both IQ and IQL versions can either be fitted on a standard pattress or be panel mounted.
Temperature element: NTC10k
Temperature range: 10...40C
Protection class: IP30, NEMA1
Mounting place: internal wall
Single power/signal connection to IQL+s, most IQ2xx, and IQ3
Celsius or Fahrenheit display
Icon indication of fan speed and occupancy states
Digital display of local temperature or setpoint
Adjustments configurable with out of box default
Setpoint device: digital

Override button: no
Fan switch: no
Comments: via IQ supervisor port