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Spyder LON VAV Controllers

Spyder® Lon Programmable, VAV/Unitary Controllers

The Spyder Lon controllers require the Spyder Programmable Feature to be licensed in the WEBpro workbench tool and the WEBS AX JACE Controller for programming and downloading. The eight Spyder Lon Models are also available as Individually Licensed Controllers (ILC). The ILC versions are identical in design and capability in every detail except for the licensing. The Individual Licensing of the Spyder ILCs (The License is built in) allows them to be programmed and downloaded with any brand of the Niagara Workbench or JACE controller. The Spyder ILCs are identified with a suffix on the Part Number of -ILC. Example: PUL6438S-ILC follows all the same Installation Instructions information as the PUL6438S.