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TR20 Series Wired and Wireless

TR20 Wireless

Enjoy reduced labor and material costs when you go wireless with Honeywell TR20 wireless sensors. In both new and retrofit applications, the TR20 family integrates seamlessly with a wide range of controllers, adding fully programmable building automation control — without the hassles and costs of wires and conduits. Labor time is greatly reduced, and sensor relocation is now a breeze. From vintage hotels and historical buildings to modern office facilities, the point-to-point solution of TR20 wireless wall modules provides precision control that saves costs while preserving the building’s appearance.

TR20 Wired

The TR21, TR22, TR23, and TR24 are a family of direct wired wall modules for use with:

    Honeywell Excel 800, 600, 500, 100, and 80 (all fully programmable) controllers

    Excel 10 W7750, W7751a, W7752, and W7753 controllers

    W7761 Controller

    Spyder Unitary Controllers: PUL, PVL

    ComfortPoint LON Controllers: CP-UL, CP-VL

All models have a space temperature sensor. Some models have a temperature dial for setpoint adjustment, LONWORKS® bus jack, override (bypass) with LED and fan switch.