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IO Modules

The Sylk IO devices are part of the Spyder family. The three IO devices are designed to seamlessly integrate with Spyder with relay controllers using only Sylk™ for communication. These devices expand the footprint of a single Spyder, increasing the controller's ability to be applied in applications that require a large amount of physical I/O. The Sylk IO devices are programmable using existing Spyder wire sheets through the Niagara Framework® software. Since the Sylk IO devices are extensions of the Spyder LON and Spyder BACnet controllers, the same Spyder feature will be leveraged in the WebPro workbench tool and the WEBs-AX JACE controller.

The Sylk IO devices are intended for use in HVAC applications that require a programmable controller where the IO count is more than the full sized Spyder point count. All devices provide flexible, universal inputs for external sensors while SIO6042 and SIO4022 provide a combination of analog and digital outputs.