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CO2 Sensor

C7232A,B Sensor and Controller

The C7232 Sensor and Controller is a stand-alone carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor for use in determining ventilation necessity with HVAC controllers. The C7232 measures the CO2 concentration in the ventilated space or duct. The C7232 is used in ventilation and air conditioning systems to control the amount of fresh outdoor air supplied to maintain acceptable levels of CO2 in the space.        

CDS2000A series

CDS2000A series is CO2 gas detector for use IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) applications, which is designed to detect carbon dioxide gas in the air. This model has good resolution by NDIR method, so it is a optimum device for ventilation of building, house, etc. Also, the advantage of this model is compact size and easy installation. High sensitivity and good resolution. Two types of analog signal(DCV and DCA) output