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Tennant Billing

Tenant Billing Data Sheet

The Honeywell WEBs Tenant Billing Service (TBS) is a Niagara application which enables users to easily monitor tenant utility usage and to create invoices based on that usage. The application serves as both a monitoring tool and an invoice generation tool, allowing invoices to be manually or automatically generated for a variety of utility usage patterns. 

The user accesses the TBS application through a standard web browser. No client software is required. Invoices can be generated on a scheduled basis, and e-mailed out in PDF format. TBS is designed to operate with the Niagara AX Framework which can run on a PC (as WEB AX Supervisor) or on a WEBs AX Controller; an embedded JAVA hardware platform. 

Niagara collects and archives meter data from various systems via a variety of open standard protocols, either directly over IP or from WEBs AX Controllers with direct meter inputs or serial network connections such as Modbus. If required static client/utility related data can be imported from external databases including CSV, SQL and Oracle. Invoice and report data can also be exported to an external database or application.