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The solar collector comprises evacuated tubes that are optimized in geometry and performance. These tubes are constructed from two concentric glass tubes, half spherically closed on one side & fused together on the other side; the gap between them is evacuated & afterwards hermetically plugged (vacuum insulation).

The internal glass tube has a highly selective & eco friendly aluminium nitrite sputter layer on its external surface, that acts as an absorber, to effectively capture solar power.

The tubes are 3 layer target tubes with the following coating layers:

1. Metal Insulation Layer (Copper) Reduce heat loss and low emission rate

2. Absorption Layer (Stainless Steel & AI-N-AI Enameled Mirror) Anti-corrosion & Anti-oxidation

3. 3.3. Anti-reflection Layer (AI-N-AI) Ensure high absorption rate & low emission rate by reducing reflection

The tubes come in 2 different dimensions as follows:

58 mm diameter * 1800 mm length: 0.164 Sq M aperture area

70 mm diameter * 2100 mm length: 0.231 Sq M aperture area

Part Numbers:

58-1800MM ETC: 58 mm * 1800 mm 3 layer ETC Tubes

70-2100MM ETC: 70 mm * 2100 mm 3 layer ETC Tubes