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Honeywell’s Morley-IAS range now features the SmartConfig apps that makes commissioning a fire alarm system Simpler, Smarter and Secure.

What is Honeywell Morley-IAS SmartConfig: Android Mobile app for configuring and commissioning a Morley DXc Fire Alarm System.

Why use Honeywell Morley-IAS SmartConfig:
  • Easy and convenient panel configuration through a mobile app. More than 50% savings in time spent commissioning a DXc panel
  • Eliminates the need to carry heavy laptops to the site for configuration
  • Wireless bluetooth connectivity to the DXc fire alarm panel
  • Offline commissioning option: Configure while in the office/ offsite and then upload the data to the panel
Key Features:
  • Simple user interface and easy to understand data views
  • Ease of zoning with a few clicks
  • Panel event log available and ready to be sent to the end user
  • Configuration files shareable with other team members to commission the panel at site


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