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An industrial-grade flame, gas, smoke, and extinguishing system that serves the petroleum, petrochemical, power, mining, military and off-shore industries.


Performs flame, smoke and gas detection and extinguishing/ agent release, and seamlessly interfaces with plant safety and control systems through multiple protocols.


Features a unique “hot swap” capability for the replacement and auto-configuration of CPUs and power supplies without performing a critical system shutdown.



Monitors the state of plant safety

Rapid and coherent emergency response capability

Advanced software to enable faster and better decisions, and ensure maximum plant uptime

Reduces cost and complexity: offers built–in automatic Fire Suppression Release Card and addressable Loop Card hence, no additional investment required for a separate release panel or Fire Alarm System

Flexible and modular: addressable Fire Alarm Loop Card offering both EN54 and UL (as an option)

Fault Tolerant system due to multiple hardware and software redundancy, and round-the-clock availability due to continuous auto diagnosis of hardware and software circuit integrity

Complies with requirements set by IEC61508, and has the highest safety certification (SIL2/SIl3) from TUV Rhineland along with stringent Global Fire Approvals from EN54 and UL.

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